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ColdClimateHome.com is the brainchild of Al Heath but others are involved to bring it to fruition.

Al & FishAl Heath

I was a carpenter, designer, and contractor in the Bath/Brunswick area for 20 years before changing careers to become a Nurse Practitioner.  In 2004, when looking to have a new energy efficient house built for my own family, I found that most builders didn’t really know what “super-insulated, passive solar” meant.  I decided to re-immerse myself in the science of energy efficiency and build my family’s home myself. The resulting 2000 square foot house heats easily with one cord of wood and 50 gallons of kerosene per year. A solar hot water system provides the majority of the hot water needs.

At the time, many thought I was crazy to make the extra effort for super-insulation and passive solar design but then the price of energy skyrocketed and suddenly I was “ahead of my time.”  I now enjoy consulting with homeowners and builders on Deep Energy Retrofits, new construction, and websites like this one. 

Why?  For some reason, I find it endlessly fascinating.

FREE: The first hour of consulting time is always FREE!

Contact:  207-522-4588                       Email:   al@coldclimatehome.com


David Kaufman

I have been a consultant on energy conserving building design and renewable energy technologies since 1983. Originally trained as an energy auditor, I served as a correspondent for trade publications such as Solar Age and the Journal of Light Construction for over 2 decades. This role afforded extensive additional training covering conferences and seminars, and I branched out into energy consulting on new construction and retrofits of National Register historic properties. Lately solar has become trendy, and I enjoy guiding clients through the common pitfalls toward technologies offering value and proven reliability. This is a great time to be in the energy field!

Website:  www.energyforbuildings.com               Contact:  dpkaufman@yahoo.com  


Guy Marsden

Guy designs and develops electronic products for inventors and small companies.  He also sells solar differential temperature controllers of his own design.  Guy Marsden’s extensive web site documents all his efforts to live sustainably including detailed blogs about his solar photo voltaic installation, solar thermal space heating and water heating.  

Website:   www.arttec.net               Contact:   guy@arttec.net


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