The field of home energy efficiency and building science is based on exactly that: science. BUT science can be misleading and sometimes mistaken in the real world if not taken with a healthy grain of salt, real-world experience. does not sell or promote any specific products.  We do offer consulting services and our opinions and recommendations are unbiased by any brand or product loyalty.

We provide the following information as an open source of where to get started.  “Caveat emptor” (buyer beware) should always apply and multiple estimates, word-of-mouth recommendations, and common sense (which is not so common) are always recommended.

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Energy Auditors/Building Consultants

Al Heath, Bath, ME
207-522-4588   or

Auditing:  Prices vary between $300-500 depending on the size of your home and complexity of information desired.  Involves 2-4 hours in your home investigating and collecting data (homeowners are encouraged to be present), 2-4 hours processing data and writing report.  A digital or printed copy of report is provided and 30-60 minutes, usually by phone, discussing the report.  Many clients desire further consulting services.

Consulting:  With 20 years of hands-on building and energy efficiency related experience I very much enjoy working with homeowners and contractors making the important decisions related to Deep Energy Retrofits and new construction.  Charges are $40 per hour and the first hour is always free.

Free hour of consulting:  Call or email to arrange a time to talk.

Blower Door Testing: Blower door testing is an important part of an energy audit but can also be done separately before, during, and after the building process.  Testing is extremely helpful to find and fix sources of infiltration before they are covered up and to decide heat exchanger run times ensuring fresh air.

Energy Modeling: Computer modeling (not usually included in audits) can give you a deeper understanding of energy dynamics and can greatly help with cost/payback decisions.  For example, is it worth paying for an extra 6″ of cellulose or what is the payback for more efficient windows?

Other Maine-based Energy Auditors

Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals

Efficiency Maine

National Lists of Energy Auditors

Building Performance Institute

Home Energy Rating System Program (HERS)


I & S Insulation

ReVision Energy

ReVision Heat


Maine Green Building Supply – Construction and household efficiency supplies, in Portland, ME.

Energy Federation Inc. – EFI in Massachusetts has a huge catalog of hard to find efficiency related products including Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers, moisture barriers, fans and a very helpful technical department.

F. W. Horch– Located on Maine Street in Brunswick, Maine, F. W. Horch is both a storefront and a website, and a good source for books and useful household products.

Maine Biomass – Bio-Bricks and pellet supplies in Brunswick, Maine.

Informational Web Sites – The single best source of well researched papers on many aspects of building science.  Some articles are a very technical and others more user friendly.  Search and ye shall find.  Here’s a good article to start with, Remodeling for Energy Efficiency.

MidCoast Green Collaborative – A great resource for MidCoast Maine.

ART TEC– Guy Marsden’s extensive web site documents all his efforts to live sustainably including detailed blogs about his solar photo voltaic installation, solar thermal space heating and water heating.

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