Walls:  Existing walls were uninsulated 2×4 framing 16 inches on center.  The old sheetrock was left in place to save labor and dump fees.  3 inch holes were drilled between each framing member and the cavity filled with dense pack cellulose

Over the old sheetrock, 2 inch foil faced polyisocyurate foam board was attached, joints taped, and sealed top and bottom with foam.  Over this, 1×3 strapping was attached with 3 inch long screws to the original 2×4 framing and then new sheetrock is attached to the strapping.  New electrical wiring was brought up from basement behind the foam with boxes mounted on strapping.








Windows:  The window in this home had already been replaced with vinyl thermopane replacements.  Although not high quality windows, they function well and would not be cost-effective to replace.  Two different types of storm windows, an interior storm (link to storm) costing $25 and the more traditional exterior combination storm window ($55) are being tested over the first winter.  Wooden window sills with sheet rock returns and bull nose (rounded) corners are less expensive than wood trim and and always get compliments.

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