Electrical Use Improvements

Water heater:  Water heaters consume about 20% of yearly home energy use.  This house already had a 2 year-old standard electric water heater so upgrading was not cost-effective.  To make the current heater more efficient an R-13 insulation jacket was added to the tank.  A timer was also added so the tank only runs when needed, and hot water pipes were insulated.

Water/hot water conservation:  New shower heads rated for 1.5 gallons per minute

Lighting:  Recessed light are notorious for leaking large amount of heat and air.  The three recessed lights in the kitchen (the only recessed units used) are a newer type fixture designed to be well insulated.  For tightness, a box of scrap sheetrock pieces was fabricated and foamed tight over the fixture from above before being covered with the 24 inches of cellulose.

Electric lights are all CFL (compact florescent lamps) which use 65% less energy than old fashioned incandescent bulbs.

Appliances are Energy Star rated for low electrical and water use.

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