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New Construction

Arrowsic, ME:  Completed in 2005 this home is Super-Insulated and passive solar in design.  With 2000 sq/ft of living area and 1000 sq/ft basement, this home is easily heated and toasty warm from top to bottom on one cord of hardwood and 50 gallons of K-1.


  • R-20 insulated concrete form (ICF) foundation
  • R-40 dense pack cellulose walls
  • R-80 cellulose attic
  • Active solar hot water providing 80% of needs for a family of 4
  • Air-to-air heat changer for consistently fresh air in this extremely tight home
  • R-3 Windows with high solar heat coefficient for passive solar gain

Designed and built buy Al Heath of ColdClimteHome.com

Arrowsic home

Other Deep Energy Retrofits

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