New Windows

Myth #1:  New Windows will save you lots of energy and $money$.

Truth:  In most older homes, new windows will save only about 2 to 5% of yearly costs, about $125.  Yes, they look good and work great, but for a $8-$15,000 investment that will be a 40 to 80-year payback.  OUCH!

I did NOT say you shouldn’t get new windows.  Rather, if you have a limited budget and efficiency is your priority, new windows should go further down the list.  If you do buy windows, prices and efficiency vary greatly, so get non-salesman advice… ask us.

Good news:  Studies have shown that, in most cases, improving the existing windows, e.g. adding weather stripping or a storm window, will perform very close to a new window for much less $money$.

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