Retrofit Goals

Target goals for Deep Energy Retrofits

Basements R-20 Effective R-value (see below)
Walls R-30 Effective R-value (see below) no thermal bridges
Ceiling R-60 Effective R-value (see below) no thermal bridges
Windows R-3 (U-.33) New windows are expensive. Consider alternatives.
Air Infiltration Less than 0.1 air change per hour
Air Quality Use of Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger

All combustion appliances should have sealed combustion.

Radon testing before and after Moisture 30-50%

Reduce use of high VOC (volatile organic compound, e.g. formaldehyde) building products as possible

Here’s how the average American home uses its energy:

Total Yearly Energy Costs: $ 3,500 60% space heat/cool
20% water heating
20% Electric
Deep Energy Retrofit, 60% reduction: $ 1,400 33% space heat/cool
33% water heating
33% Electric

Note:  Deep Energy Retrofit concepts also apply to cooling your home in the summer. But then this is so we will stick to heating issues.  GOOD NEWS:  A tight, well-insulated house stays much cooler in the summer and is much easier/cheaper to air condition if you choose.

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