Welcome to ColdClimateHome.com

ColdClimateHome.com describes a complete rework of an existing older home to bring it up to today’s most stringent energy efficiency standards.

House exteriorThis is the house exterior before we started work on it.  It was built in the 1940s as a duplex. We are converting it to a single family home, by tearing out walls, removing and reconfiguring bath and kitchen and re-configuring the overall space.  We removed the duplicate water heater and furnace, and rewired and largely re-plumbed the whole building.

From basement to attic we are restructuring the entire envelope to form a better seal and significantly increase the insulation using a combination of techniques and materials that lend themselves to retrofit.  The goal is to dramatically reduce the heating energy per season.

Hopefully this site will be a useful reference for those who choose to repair an old home rather than build a new one.

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